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About Us

Founded in 1995, Holmpark Companies is a private holding company built on a profound legacy of expertise. Our team has actively owned and operated companies in technology, design, and manufacturing since 1989, setting standards in innovation and quality.

What We Do

We redefine the concept of owning the supply chain by acquiring companies that enhance our operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our ambition is to be the ultimate provider for both residential and commercial spaces globally, delivering an unparalleled spectrum of solutions—from furniture and lighting to microchips and software applications. This comprehensive approach positions us as the one-stop shop for all interior needs.

Our Commitment

At Holmpark Companies, ownership means commitment to continuous innovation and quality. We are not just building a business; we are crafting a legacy that enriches lives and fulfills the aspirations of individuals and businesses worldwide. Join us in shaping a future where technology and tradition converge to create sustainable, world-class solutions.

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